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We Help Brands Transform Their Values into Creativity

Our creative strategies allow the user to share common experiences with a brand.
This is especially important in areas where a big part of person’s life is concentrated

Creative + Campaign Strategy

AdChampagne is Your UA (User Acquisition) Creative Agency

Your Creatives Should Drive Meaningful Results 😍

Our creative strategies allow users to relate to a brand. It is essential while working with social media - a crucial area in the life of a modern consumer.

What is User Acquisition?

User Acquisition (or UA) – is the method of driving new users to your mobile app through unique marketing-driven activities.

Specifically, customer acquisition is the end-to-end practice of identifying a target audience, creating a message that resonates, producing an original asset, evolving the assets to different marketing channels, measuring the results, and optimizing over time.

We always experiment with different types of creatives and ad formats in order to reach better results and maximize profitability. Our proprietary predicting buying models and unique methodology provides the fundament for this approach, allowing us to understand how and when we can increase spend.

User Acquisition Creatives

Our Approaches

Graphics + UGC

Graphics only

UGC only


To communicate with you as effectively as possible, we focus on services provided rather than hours worked only


For start
$15, 000 / mo
We will connect you with a growth expert who will create a strategic roadmap and an actionable program for implementation.


For growing
$25,000 / mo
We will expand your business with a detailed strategy and implementation from an effective team of three specialists.


For larger brands
$35,000 / mo
We will provide an entire team to assist you in achieving all your business goals. Each team member is designated according to the venture's needs.

Head of Digital Marketing, Group (VKRabota)

Due to AdChampagne's efforts, the company saw an improvement in its installation rate, CPA, and focus vacancies. The team fostered a positive relationship with the client by excellently streamlining the workflow and communication. They were strategic, hands-on, and understanding.

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We offer high-quality analytics and development. If you would like to see it for yourself, contact us – and we will do something for you.

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