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November 12, 2022

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Case Study: Onfy Pharmaceutical Marketplace

Onfy’s User-Generated Content Approach Drives Online Pharmacy Sales


Top-1 Pharmacy App in Germany

Onfy is a pharmacy marketplace that provides access to over 50,000 medicines and wellness products including cosmetics, vitamins, and sports nutrition. Purchases can be made on the website or through the Onfy mobile app. It allows users to track their order status and receive cashback on each purchase.

The team knew that finding the right approach to getting mobile was crucial to their strategy. The range of rapidly expanding platforms with a growing number of users made the choice of approach even more complex. Nevertheless, when Onfy saw a great opportunity to connect with young, active customers through a new platform, the company jumped at it.



TikTok, Facebook




iOS, Android


Daily purchases



Our main objective was to increase daily product sales using various In-App Event Optimisation Targets, such as Installs, Add-to-Cart buttons, or In-App Purchases.

AdChampagne was given the goal to forge the brand’s ties to a wide, solvent audience, as well as build brand awareness and relevancy among 18-25-year-olds with maximum cost efficiency.

The campaign had to highlight key product features, including Onfy’s advantage of prices being 20-80% lower than in retail.

For Onfy’s promotion, we suggested two main channels: TikTok and Facebook. TikTok facilitated the largest number of purchases, while Facebook hyperlocal targeting managed to attract more solvent users. An essential part of the Facebook campaign was also developing different video ad creatives to engage the target healthcare market.

User Acquisition

Our general creative idea was to show the strongest parts of the product as evidently as possible. We conducted overall research using the Sensor Tower and realized that the Online Pharmacy market in Germany is one of the most mature in the world. For example, Revenue in this segment will reach US$0.80bn in 2022. Onfy entered the competitive sphere, however, its unique positioning imposes additional benefits for traffic attraction.

For 2 weeks, A/B testing was carried out to identify the highest-performing approaches. We experimented with colour, pictures, soundtrack, CTA, and graphics. Afterward, our team developed over 100 ad creatives with User-Generated Content and AdChampagne used three core ideas at the start of the campaign: Unpackings, Shopping Imitations, Comedy Sketches. We also provide custom videos with graphics: our creators let their creativity shine while utilizing Onfy’s mascots and brand colours to stand out from the other content.

Comedy Sketch is one of the high-converting formats, especially for E-Commerce brands, – it lets users imagine various life-like circumstances where they would need specific goods. This type of video looks organic and facilitates an authentic dynamic between the brand and the viewer.

Our Approach with TikTok Ads

Taking the lead on Onfy’s performance strategy, we divided our activities into the following stages:

Our powerful strategy and execution helped Onfy to majorly boost their return on ad spend and drive a wide expansion on their daily purchases. AdChampagne team also partnered with Adjust to measure every touchpoint in the customer journey and capture data across all its marketing channels.


To achieve the KPIs, we provided the team of buyers with relevant training, assigned several specialists to the project, and continued to develop and test various hypotheses.

The overall results were far from average. During the first month, we achieved over 30,000 installs and 2,000 purchases. While app performance continues to progress, customer engagement remains strong. Revenue is growing due to paid users who generated an increasing share of the overall income. Onfy was ranked first in the Pharmacy app Category in Germany within three weeks of launch.

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