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NUUM Neobank


Increase brand awareness, create techniques that allow getting high-quality leads


36 working days

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November 26, 2022

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Case Study: NUUM Neobank

Break the Idea of Traffic for Neobank: 10k+ New Cards in 2 Weeks


10k+ New Cards
14 days

NUUM is a neobank and marketplace for gamers from MTS – digital ecosystem and largest mobile operator that provides a wide range of solutions for consumers & business customers. To become a customer of Neobank, users need to download the app, register, and receive a virtual card. They also have the opportunity to accumulate a loyalty program point-back and exchange earned points: spend them on buying games and add-ons to them, game currency, subscriptions to different services, as well as MTS ecosystem products (Kion online cinema or MTS Premium). In August 2021, NUUM was looking for an agency they could trust. One of the main requirements for a partner was the experience with TikTok promotion services – AdChampagne had already run into different advertising campaigns with this platform.


TikTok, Facebook, myTarget






Card activation



Our main objective was to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences. We have already collaborated with the banking segment and have expertise in launching fintech products. That’s why the team suggests creative techniques that allow getting high-quality leads.

User Acquisition

AdChampagne team worked together with NUUM to create the communication strategy to attract and retain the right audience. Based on the brainstorming session, we developed a series of short videos to test and optimize campaigns performance.

During strategy development, the AdChampagne team decided to build on the key advantages of the NUUM card:

Moreover, some of these items are archived, which was appreciated by gamers themselves. In addition, classical texts were used with a call to action and indication of the final benefit that the user will receive: «Apply for a NUUM card and pick up game items with a discount of up to 50% – save money on the games you play!».

Our approach with TikTok Ads

A/B Testing showed TikTok to be an extraordinarily profitable ad channel. While working with this platform, AdChampagne team came to the conclusion that the typical approach – «just showing a new product attractively» – doesn't work here. Any interaction between the brand and the audience must evoke emotions. Video creations adapted for game audiences have become the most appropriate format to draw users' attention to NUUM: to motivate them to learn what neobank is, and to sign up for the card.

Our best creative practices:

We offer new users popular bonus sets and in-game items that could only be purchased through the NUUM app. More than 100 different materials were created with an emphasis on cyberpunk elements. New creatives almost immediately «go viral» with TikTok algorithms and get into recommendations. Users began to invent their own interpretations and publish collaborative videos.

At the end of August 2021, the NUUM app made it to the TOP-5 on Google Play. Although young audiences often make decisions about downloading the app impulsively and, subsequently, quickly stop using it, the degree of engagement is still at a high level. This proves that the segments for targeting were chosen correctly.

During the process, the client had a desire to test additional traffic sources and attract new users: in September, we decided to connect Google Play, Facebook, and myTarget.


From the first contact with the client to the first results, only 14 days passed: in August, 10,000 new cards were issued in two weeks, and the number of app downloads increased to 100,000.

This led NUUM to experience organic downloads up 3821% in Q3 (compared to Q2) and we are already planning our next major campaign.

Natalia Indurova

Digital Ads Manager
NUUM Neobank

NUUM is a product for a gaming audience, and it’s not just about teenagers – today every third inhabitant of the planet plays. We have not previously used TikTok as a source of promotion, and we were curious to observe the affinity of users. People became interested in our project as a whole and showed very high activity – the support service received a lot of requests with questions about the product, and suggestions for improving the app and product line. Today, TikTok has one of the leading roles in our media mix, and we are confident that the results will only improve in the near future.

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