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Reach a younger audience, increase the number of new cards


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December 7, 2022

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Case Study: Monobank

How Monobank Increases The Number of Activated Cards Through Authentic Content


+25% increase in the number of activated cards

Monobank is the first mobile-only bank in Ukraine. Mobile app offers a variety of financial services: from free money transfers and paying utility bills with no commission to credits and cashbacks.

The client wanted to solidify the message that Monobank helps keep your finances nice and easy. That’s why our team decided to give more people a taste of its fresh take on saving & spending, and connect with its younger audience in a unique way.








Card limit activation



We grabbed users’ attention with content that demonstrates the real-life benefits of having a Monobank card: profitable interest rate, cashback up to 20%, free cash withdrawal, and others. AdChampagne was working with in-house creators to create fun, colorful videos featured in a catchy tune and aspirational messages, to resonate with a wide range of audience.

Our team suggests TikTok as the main channel for client’s promotion, as it’s the perfect way for testing new features and placements. Besides, TikTok has a massive audience of twenty and thirty-somethings, and the finance topics are strongly related to it.

User Acquisition

A solid creative strategy that focuses on communicating the right advantages to the target audiences is key for long-term success. We performed over a 4-week period an in-depth mobile app audit to identify growth levers.

Our team wanted to tell users as much as possible about Monobank benefits compared to other fintech products. Together with the client we tested lots of creatives with various goals. Precisely, a UGC-content helped us to create interest and make an audience receptive to our message.

Our Approach with TikTok Ads

TikTok proved to be a winning channel after testing budgets to try out the main idea. At AdChampagne, we implement an iterative approach to creative assets that help Monobank quickly identify winning ideas and scale performance:


The TikTok community showed Monobank an impressive 25% increase in the number of new cards. Our approach with organic-style content helped accomplish its goals of activations while also garnering thousands of views. In fact, the campaign performed so well that TikTok became Monobank top channel in terms of User Acquisition, and is now a core part of their marketing strategy.

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